It’s always a joy to meet women from all over the world, those on the path of natural healing and medicine work. Meet these women who work or have worked within the Southwestern region. Some have studied under the best herbalists, elders, and teachers. Some have been given the gift and have information, techniques and remedies passed down through the generations. Some are young Maidens who have a gift, a calling, a path to share their ancient knowledge with others. Our Medicine Women/Teachers will share their knowledge with you (teachers/classes subject to change)

We are here to honor ALL women, the Maidens, the Mothers, and the Crones and of course Mother Earth and her plant life.

Gigi Rock
Creator and Connector for the Southwestern Medicine Women Gathering.  Gigi has a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology and has had the honor of working with many indigenous medicine woman and men. A 3rd generation herbalist, Gigi shares her passion of herbs and essences. “A mentor once told me that I had ancient wisdom with herbs, I have an uncanny knack of connecting with ancient plants for healing.”
Cynthia Olivera de Kapp
is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist working in concert as a spiritual counselor and uses the medicinal essences to cut old paradigms and patterns. She has roots in the Taino Nation of indigenous peoples in the Caribbean and the indigenous peoples of the Island of Corsica. Cynthia has been teaching woman to dance their prayer, meditation, healing and spirituality.
bella Bella Donna
Herbalist, Apitherapist, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and local Intuitive Healer, has lived just outside the Sedona area for the past 16 years in a beautiful mountainous area surrounded by nature. She is a sustainable gardener, incorporating her beekeeping, gardening and health practice into a small acre of once barren land.
 Gail Whitlow
Pipe Carrier and Medicine Woman, of the Haudenosaunee, born into the Bear clan. This birth manifests as healing and medicine. We all once knew our paths according to what clan we were born into. Most now spend all their lives searching for a connection’. Her life’s purpose since she was 25 has been to create and facilitate events that foster the traditional ceremonies that allow our connection to Spirit.
Toshia Shaw
is a transformational life coach, author, public speaker, and Human Services professional that specialize in behavioral health, holistic mental health, and energy healing. Media commentator participating in television documentaries such as Red Light, Green Light. She has given a talk about her experiences at TEDx and she is a regular Huffington Post and Women for One contributor.
   Kathy Padecky
has been in the holistic healing arena for 35+ years. She integrates crystals with aromatherapy in bodywork sessions. She has trained and taught classes in Heated Stone Massage, Healing with Crystals and Essential Oils, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Advanced Spa techniques including body wraps, hydrotherapy, back exfoliation plus chakras and color therapy. She holds degrees in Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Body Work
Feather Jones
is a Registered Clinical Herbalist who integrates herbal remedies, holistic nutrition, flower essences and stress reduction guidance. Her 30-year career in teaching, clinical practice and ethical wild-crafting coupled with a background in Mandan tribal teachings, provides a synergistic approach to health and healing as Earth Centered Herbalism infuses her teaching style.
Grandmother Renee
is an artisan, a Holder of Names and the Genealogy of Six Nations, a storyteller through Woodland’s animal puppetry, a First Nations Doll Maker, a Traditional Counselor and Elder at local high schools, and a Traditional Dancer and Golden Age Smoke Dancer.

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