It’s always a joy to meet women from all over the world, those on the path of natural healing and medicine work. Meet these women who work or have worked within the Southwestern region. Some have studied under the best herbalists, elders, and teachers. Some have been given the gift and have information, techniques and remedies passed down through the generations. Some are young Maidens who have a gift, a calling, a path to share their ancient knowledge with others. Our Medicine Women/Teachers will share their knowledge with you (teachers/classes subject to change)

We are here to honor ALL women, the Maidens, the Mothers, and the Crones and of course Mother Earth and her plant life.

The list of teachers is growing and we will be announcing them soon.  

Gigi Rock
Creator and Connector for the Southwestern Medicine Women Gathering.  Gigi has a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology and has had the honor of working with many indigenous medicine woman and men. A multi-generation herbalist, Gigi shares her passion of herbs and essences. “A mentor once told me that I had ancient wisdom with herbs, I have an uncanny knack of connecting with ancient plants for healing.”

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